Planning a trip and not finding the right destination? You may consider Croatia, for the beauty of its surroundings and the fun you can have into this exotic country. The attractions you may visit are varied and the accommodation conditions are just perfect to spend a wonderful trip at one of Croatia’s most exotic and clean beaches.

Advertising and Principles


The Adriatic Tourism Agency is one of the most important companies in terms of booking trips at the Adriatic seaside. Its advertising policy and promotions offered to their customers are top of the rank and the user experience is unique and valued.

Wheatear you found out about it via an online source, like the www.adriaticonline.com webpage, or from the local radio, or it just happened to pass by one of their agencies, you can notice that their advertising policy focuses on the client’s experience during the sojourn.

In order to achieve a high quality user experience and to consolidate its position among the most searched for travel agencies in USA, Adriatic Tourism Agency has been focused on providing the following features to their clients:

  • Multiple access ways to their portal
  • Special offers
  • Various travel packages
  • Discounts for members
  • Easy-to-get travel tips

Based on the mentioned facts, since 2005, Adriatic Tourism Agency has pleased its customers with highly affordable travel packages in Croatia, Italy and Montenegro, along with the special discounts and promotions available only for registered members.

Membership and Log In


The official web platform of this amazing agency is www.adriaticonline.com. This site has been, even from the beginning, considered as one of the major factors that stand at the current and very fast development of this tourism company. With more than 5000 visitors per month, an incredible SEO process performed upon the site and the high quality content inside of it, there is no wonder that Adriatic Tourism Agency has grown so fast in 12 years, to having multinational headquarters office and a huge influence over the Croatian tourism sector.

When visiting the site, you may notice that you are required to log in with a user name and a password, in order to see the available offers. This uncomfortable situation has been introduced by the Security department of the agency as a result of the many brute force attacks performed by the worldwide hackers.

If you are not an owner of a username and a password, please allow 1 minute in order to create one. Just simply enter the desired username and your email address, and click the Submit button. You are required then to check your email and get the password sent to you.

The available offers are rated under the Offers page inside the domain. You are now currently raked inside their agency as a basic user, with the fewer discounts available. To raise your status, you are encouraged to select one of their travel plans, available for a 3 years period of time, each one consisting in more and more complex and attractive discounts and special packages.

I highly encourage you to travel to Croatia with the Adriatic Tourism Agency as their tons of positive reviews and the high quality user experience provided during these many years, are a certain guarantee of their top ranked services and their professionalism level.