The high quality of the provided services boosted this agency to be one of the world’s best known travel agencies and increased its reputation considerably. With tons of positive feedbacks and millions of satisfied customers, Adriatic Tourism Agency is worldwide known for the best user experiences provided to their customers, on both the cultural, social and entertainment levels.

Worldwide Spreading

In order to fulfill the continuously increasing number of their clients from all countries in the world, Adriatic Tourism Agency has decided to open a series of offices in countries from all over the world.

This decision has been made as a result of the desire of keeping the level of quality for the provided services to the highest rank possible and to easier the process of informing the public audience about their state-of-the-art travel solutions.

Offices were opened in USA, France, Germany, China, Australia and Italy, as these regions have been analyzed as being the major points of interest for the agency’s incomes.

Also, the hired staff in these areas is composed of only regional speaking persons, able to create a valuable marketing strategy in order to boost the number of booked offers. This aspect is highly followed and pursued during a seasonal year, as with a higher demand in the number of travel packages, the board of directors will introduce higher discounts into the sum needed to be paid, and more facilities may be available for having the best time of your life.

Suite of Services

Offering top quality services to all their clients is, for sure, not an easy job to be accomplished, especially when the range of the provided solutions is so wide. In order to deal with the huge amount of requests received every year, the personal staff is supplied during the hot season and the online platform’s speed is doubled in order to have a decent page response.

The first main type of service provided is represented by the hotel bookings available to be performed from the website. Affiliating with thousands of hotels from worldwide was not an easy task, but somehow it came naturally, as the advertising was targeted in both ways.

Beside the ability to book a hotel, you are also available to select from the main restaurants in Croatia, in which one do you prefer to serve your meals. This extraordinary feature allows you to buy food based on some coupons system, every day. The virtual cash amount of each coupon is spread equally each day and the unused amount is transferred automatically for the rest of your days.

The last, but not least, kind of service provided, is the ability of even choosing the airline company with which do you prefer to travel. This feature is available only for the business membership owners and it defines the ultimate satisfaction. Travel beside beautiful stewardesses and meet important people within the most luxurious and worldwide known plane flights.