There are various methods in order to pay for the desired travel package. In fact, even this feature stayed as one of the main reason why Adriatic Tourism Agency has become rapidly one of the most important travel offers provider in the whole world and increased in popularity on a scale never to be seen before.

Wheatear you are choosing to go to one of the dozens of beautiful beaches, or you are eager to live life at its full inside one of the modern bars and clubs on the exotic beaches, your dream can become true with just a few steps. The process of booking an offer and paying for it is very simple and it requires just a few data to be provided to the agency.

There are 2 main methods of paying for the selected trip: Online Payment and Front-Desk Payment.

Front-Desk Payment

If your location affords you, they encourage all their clients to perform the front-desk payment. Due to the assurance that the introduced data are real and the information provided by clients is authentic, the process of paying at the agency’s office is recommended to be performed in order to eliminate all the eventual problems.

Beside this, you will benefit of 5% discount from the entire amount of money needed to be paid, if you perform the payment into a single transaction. You can use either cash or a credit card.

 The location of the agency’s office can be found at the Contact page on the platform and more information about their Call Centre department can be also read from there.

Online Payment

Online payment has rapidly increased its number of users due to the newly implemented 3D secure algorithm that provides 100% confidentiality of the used credentials. By this awesome mechanism takes benefit also the platform, in order to secure the transactions made with the agency’s clients.

In order to perform an online payment, you are required to link one bank account to your online profile. You can do this by clicking on the Add bank account button and you are required to just simply enter the 12 digit number from the top of your card, your expiration date and the CCV2 from the back of your card. These information are confidential for us and are required in order to identify the user of the bank account, to make sure that it coincide with the user of the online account.

At this moment, you are able to perform any transactions online. You just need to select the desired package, and by clicking the buy button you will be forwarded to the next step.

A page will ask you for the other member’s full names and identification credentials, in case you are not traveling alone, and will inform you about the amount of money that will be transferred from your bank account to the agencies. You can confirm the transaction and finish placing your order, or you may abort this action if there is something you don’t like about it.

You will get the flight tickets and the confirmation of your chosen offer via email and you are required to print it in order to prove that you are the owner of it. Take care when travelling to your location, as the printed ticket will serve you as both your plane entrance and your accommodation registration ticket.


This is a type of backpacking trip that is done in the night. It can be scary, it is certainly not for everyone to practice, but it is an incredibly great skill to develop.

So the next time you’re going on a hike make sure you identify the type of hike you’re going for and make adequate preparation required for the particular trip.