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Exotic Places to Visit

Croatia is known as the queen of the Adriatic Sea. With more exotic islands and amazing places to visit as you can ever imagine, this fantastic territory has developed intensively its tourism sector.

Increasing the quality of the available hotels to be booked, performing ecological actions of cleaning the beaches from the wastes and reducing the chemical solutions amount of nixes thrown in the air, this land is simply the perfect one to have a relaxed and beautiful travel adventure. From beaches with crystal clear water, to cities and towns with a huge cultural and social impact on the civilization and religion in that region, every kind of tourist personality can have its senses satisfied.

There are tons of beaches available to be visited in Croatia, so that mentioning all of them can be redundant. I will present you just some of the most important of them, in order to be able to search for their beauty and fantastic panorama: Punta Rata Beach, Zlatni Rat Beach, Baska, Brela Beach, Tucepi Beach and Camp Labadusa.

Another main attraction in this wonderful country is represented by the Mulini Beach. This conglomerate of resorts provides high quality services for the people with the highest standards, in terms of entertainment, accommodation and food served. The hotels are mainly of 5* and the beauty of the area will for life amaze you. Tickle your senses and feel now the life of the world’s billionaires in just one small place, the Mulini beach.