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To get the most authentic Adriatic guitar music experience, read these reviews

I remember the first time I went to the Adriatic, I didn’t really know what quite to expect. Of course, a lot of my initial expectations were based on assumptions I got from my last trip to Venice, Italy.

I was expecting wide open streets, I was expecting the same type of architecture, which is kind of a fusion between Western Latin style architecture and Byzantine and Greek influences. Boy, was I in for a shock.

When I went to Croatia, I was just blown away. First of all, it was so cheap.

How cheap was it? Well, you can stay for a month in Croatia for the same amount of money that would cost you a one week stay in parts of the United States or Western Europe. That is cheap. Believe me.

And I’m not just talking about rent. I’m also talking about food and accommodations and the whole experience. It really is something else.

But besides the bargain, what really got to me was the culture of the people. When you go to any open plaza, there will be lots of musicians there, and people would be very kind and nice to each other, and there is the sense of a small town family type of environment.

Now, of course, being a foreigner, I was obviously not related to the locals, but they didn’t care.

Also, the whole idea of the Italian big family warmth where Italians are very expressive, emotional and also very warm and compassionate, I saw that in full display in the Adriatic as well.

Now, these people spoke a different language. They spoke Croatian. But it really blew my mind as to how similar the cultures were.

And of course, no discussion of Latin culture would be complete without guitar music. If you’ve ever listened to Spanish guitar music, you know what I’m talking about.

It really reaches deep into your soul. It really speaks to you in so many different levels.

When I was listening to Adriatic area musicians do their thing on the guitar, I was really just transported to a different time and place. It really was quite something.

And since I played the guitar on my own, when it came time for me to buy a new guitar, I was really dumbfounded as to how to capture that sound.

It’s not just a question of setting or tuning the guitar correctly. It also had something to do with the actual physical guitar itself.

So it took me a while to replicate the authentic Adraitac area guitar music that I have heard during my vacation.

Finally, I found some reviews that gave me some sort of inkling that the guitar that they are evaluating may produce the sound range I was looking for. I was not disappointed.

So if you’re looking to experience the same musical soul that you heard in your Adriatic experiences, check out these reviews. Be prepared to get blown away once you ordered the guitars and you start playing them in the comfort of your home.

Take care of all your remote development worries through dotNear

A lot of countries that depend on software have traditionally looked to places like India and, to a certain degree, the Philippines or Southeast Asia for remote software development. It’s very easy to see why this shift occurred.

Now, initially, let’s not mince any words here, it was due to wage costs. For the longest time, wages in India and the Philippines were so much lower than wages in places like California, New York, London, and other similar locations.

Well, believe it or not, when factoring in productivity as well as work value, it turned out that outsourcing purely for cost reasons was not a good idea.

In fact, if we only did a dollar for dollar comparison as far as productivity is concerned, believe it or not, western labor markets tend to outperform “cheaper wage” producers.

Why? Sure, you may be paying somebody $20 an hour in the US, but thanks to the software that that person is using as well as the special training that person went through, that person is so much more productive. And whatever they produce tends to hit a fairly high quality standard.

This can’t be said of all outsourcing setups. Now, this varies from set up to set up. Your particular setup may be different.

But when it comes to large systemic benefits, American and Western and European companies no longer outsource primarily to save costs. Instead, they outsource to find talent.

Because for whatever reason, in the United States, if you are very big into sciences or programming, people think you’re some sort of social leper. Chicks don’t want to talk to you. People don’t want to acknowledge that they’re friends with you.

I know, high school can be rough in the United States if you are “nerd.” But unfortunately, that has a huge social impact on people going into engineering.

It is no surprise that American companies then started importing lots of Indian engineers so they can be supervised directly within a US environment to overcome any strategic disadvantages of outsourcing. Now, as you can well imagine, this is kind of an extreme way to solve a problem.

Thankfully, a lot of companies in Western Europe have come up with a really good intermediary solution that it’s beginning to look like a permanent solution. This is called near sourcing or near shoring.

How does this work? Well, instead of offshoring your software development and content creation needs to the other part of the globe and having to worry about time zone, work, culture and productivity differences, you only need to turn to countries like Romania, or countries bordering the Adriatic, for you to get cheaper work done on time and according to standards.

I know that sounds too good to be true, but near shoring is getting really big nowadays, and it’s because of the key strategic advantages that this particular accommodation  brings to the table.

So if you are doing any kind of high level software development that you really cannot outsource easily, you might want to consider dotNear.

DotNear is a great company based in Romania that specializes in near shoring long term and short term solutions for clients in Western Europe as well as North America.

Do yourself a big favor, regardless of whether you are a company founder, a venture capital investor, or a manager in a technology company, you need to read up on near shoring and get in touch with dotNear to see what kind of options are available to you.

Learning English while traveling from the Adriatic to Romania is a simple case of cursuri de limba engleza copii

If you’re Romanian and you’re thinking of traveling to the Adriatic region, welcome to the club. A lot of people from Eastern Europe love to visit the Adriatic region because it’s a great way to savor all the cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europe.

You only need to travel from Slovenia and end up in Eastern Italy to get my point. I’m not just talking about Venice. I’m talking about going all the way to the Eastern part of Italy.

You start out in the north, and then you make your way down to the boot of Italy. When you find yourself at the heel, that’s where you should stop.

The great thing about Italy is that it really encapsulates Western European and, to some degree, the Eastern European cultural, political and artistic diversity.

You have to remember that the Renaissance was actually influenced heavily by the Byzantines. This was the great successor empire to the ancient Roman Empire based in Constantinople, now modern day Istanbul.

When the Byzantine Empire fell, a lot of its artisans, intellectuals and the learned people, moved west. And the Adriatic was a beneficiary of this massive infusion of brain power. And you can see the influence here to this very day.

But it really is quite amazing how that influence kind of shifted from country to country and even city to city and town to town. This is why a lot of people love visiting the Adriatic.

If you’re Romanian and you’re thinking of learning English during your travels, you might be thinking that it’s going to be a hassle. You might be under the impression that you have to physically show up to some sort of English school so you can talk face to face with an English instructor.

What if I told you that you only needed to bring your laptop or mobile device like a tablet with you and you can learn all the English you need presented in native Romanian?

What if I told you that you can learn English in a way that even people who are older or who have a tough time picking up new languages, will truly benefit?

I know that sounds like a tall order, but it happens all the time. A lot of people who thought they can never learn fluent English by watching online videos and filling out forms are pleasantly surprised that they can pick so much English in such a short period of time.

How did this happen? Well, check out cursuri de limba engleza copii. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. Go that website and you will get access to all the resources you need to pick up English.

Now, keep in mind that learning English is not exactly a walk in the park. Not by a long shot. In fact, according to many linguists, English is actually one of the toughest languages to learn because of its many nuances and weird rule variations.

These rules tend to shift with no rhyme or reason. In fact, when it comes to complexity, a lot of linguists rank English right up there with Chinese as far as difficulty and complexity.

So do yourself a big favor, check out the online course I mentioned above, so you can learn English as a native Romanian speaker in no time flat.

Traveling the Adriatic is so much more fun on a Segway

Don’t let the title of this blog post trip you up. I’m not in any way, shape or form advocating that people get on a Segway hoverboard and travel the whole length and breadth of the Adriatic greater region.

The Adriatic coastline, as I’m sure you’re well aware, is quite huge in terms of actual miles. It also covers a tremendous number of countries, language groups, and even religion.

The Adriatic is a fascinating area because rarely do you see such a confluence of many different cultures and subcultures and language groups and religions and sects in such a fairly small geographic space. On top of it all, there is the crown jewel of the world famous canal city of Venice.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary with your significant other or you have been going out for a long time, you really cannot do any better than to cap off the romance of your relationship by going to Venice.

It has developed a reputation as one of the most romantic places on the planet. It’s very easy to see why.

But outside of Venice, other Adriatic destinations carry their weight. Every area tells its own story. In fact, you can’t help but develop some sense of nostalgia for these places because it harkens back to a simpler time. It harkens back to its glory days.

I’m not saying that these places simply no longer have any hope for the future. I’m not saying that at all. I’m not saying that all their best days are way behind them.

Instead, you can’t help but notice that a lot of these places had glorious pasts. And it’s really a lot of fun. But don’t get me wrong. I would not want to walk the whole way.

The great thing about Segways is that when you find yourself in a particular travel destination, you make things all the more efficient and fun for yourself when you’re on a Segway.

You can get from Point A to Point B with no hassle. And, most importantly, the typical Segway hoverboard setup can accommodate a wide variety of street surfaces.

This is a big deal because in this part of the world, the typical American poured concrete or even paved asphalt roadway is an outlier. They’re rare. We’re talking about cobblestone streets. We’re talking about roads from the Middle Ages.

Sure, there are modern highways interconnecting these places, but when you are out to explore the inner soul and the core parts of these Adriatic coastline towns and cities, you’re on cobblestones.

And the great thing about the Segway is that regardless of how bumpy or uneven the street paving is, it ensures that you stay upright. Believe me, this is no small feat.

So do yourself a big favor, if you are traveling the Adriatic, either immediately or at some point in the future, spice things up a little bit by deciding to ride on a Segway for at least a part of your trip. Believe me, it definitely takes the fun level to a much higher level.

Not only do you treat yourself to a wide variety of amazing sights and great local attractions, but you do it in style. After all, you’re doing it on a Segway.

Impress your visitors at your Adriatic bed and breakfast by offering the best composite decking

The first time I visited the Adriatic region, I really did not expect anything. I knew that the city of Venice was on the Adriatic. This was a given. This was part of my travel assumptions to Italy.

I’ve been to Venice and I’ve basically assumed that Venice was pretty much its own world. And historically and politically speaking, I would be correct.

For the longest time, Venice had its own navy. It was quite the local political power in that part of the world. And, to this very day, it’s not a surprise that lot of Venetians consider themselves not exactly Italians.

You see, Venice was actually the last part of Italy that was annexed by the unified regions that later on became United Italy. It did not exactly join willingly.

It basically joined when all its political alliances gave out and it found itself in a very weak political spot. It didn’t jump at the opportunity.

You have to understand that even the very idea of an Italian nationhood or a sense of Italian nationalism is a fairly new phenomenon. I would suggest that it originated in the early 1800s, if not a little bit sooner, but not much earlier than that.

The whole concept of Italy really, as a political reality, is fairly novel. And that was the kind of background that I had when I was going through the Adriatic.

Because I was seeing these different city-states, many looking like they came out of some sort of movie set in the Middle Ages. And this is what was so charming about the place.

Because outside of Venice, the Adriatic really is a mixed bag. You can see Turkish influence, you can see Eastern European or Slavic influences. You can see Western Latin Catholic influences. It really is an amazing place.

There’s a tremendous amount of culture expressed in architecture, art and languages in a fairly compact area. This is why the thought did cross my mind of opening a bed and breakfast in Slovenia or Croatia.

These places are opening up to the world, and foreigners from all over the world are snapping up properties because they’re very cheap. And also, they’re located in very beautiful places. What’s not the love?

Well, the problem is, if you are late to the game, chances are, you’re going to have quite a bit of a tall order in front of you. Seriously.

If you think that it’s just going to be a cakewalk and all those tourist dollars are going to be yours for the taking, you might want to think again. You might want to reconsider your plan because the bed and breakfast game in any part of the Adriatic is now very competitive.

You have to stand apart from the competition. You have to give potential guests a really good reason why they should pick you instead of the tons of other bed and breakfast establishments owned by foreigners.

How do you stand out? How do you distinguish yourself? How do you make a compelling offer to your potential guests?

One of the best ways to do this is to engage in cosmetic touch ups. I know that sounds shallow, I know that sounds a little bit on the petty or superficial side, but hear me out.

You have to understand that you only need to increase your perceived level of value marginally for you to stand out from the crowd.

When you are in a kind of market where everybody else is basically shooting for the bare minimum, every little bit of extra detail can give you the competitive edge that you’re looking for.

When you invest in the best composite decking, you show to people who are thinking of renting from you that you’re offering something extra while charging the same rates as everybody else.

What do you think will happen? What kind of value do you think you will create in the minds of people looking to rent in this part of the world?

That’s the bottom line. It’s all about perceived value. And the best part is that you don’t really have to do all that much to increase your profile a little bit.

Traveling the Adriatic has become so much easier because you don’t have to worry about losing your phone, thanks to the Handyortung app

Make no mistake about it, the Adriatic region is in Europe, and it is an amazing place. It really is. You get to experience a distinct blending of the Meditteranean, Central as well as Eastern European cultures.

It is no surprise that this part of the world has seen quite a bit of action as far as war, conquest and political intrigues are concerned. This, after all, used to be the stomping ground of the Austria-Hungarian Empire as well as the Venetian Empire.

Believe it or not, the city of Venice in Italy used to be an empire. Who knew, right? That’s how influential city-states and political units in the Adriatic area were.

Well, not anymore. These places have become great tourist spots, but their time in the political sunlight is pretty much behind them.

This is why this part of the world is kind of like visiting a postcard. Imagine yourself stepping through some sort of historical snapshot taken of a place from long, long ago. That’s the kind of feeling you get when you visit the Adriatic.

Now, I’m not saying that this place is outdated. I’m not saying that this place is basically useless in terms of politics, economics, technological progress and whatnot.

Instead, it’s very easy to feel nostalgic. Because the Adriatic is a testament to a time in history that is long ago, but still has great cultural and artistic resonance to this very day.

Be that as it may, just like with any other travel destination, you should pay close attention to your phone when you are traveling throughout the Adriatic area.

Now, whether you travel by train, on foot, through some sort of Uber-type transportation network, or if you’re bicycling, you need to be very mindful of your phone.

A lot of people have a serious problem with their phones because they take it for granted. They only figure out how valuable their phone is to their personal life when they lose it.

Why? Well, you take a lot of pictures of your family with your phone. A lot of those pictures cannot be replaced.

If you’re like the typical American consumer, chances are, you do not have some sort of online backup. Even if you have signed up for Apple, chances are, you may not be syncing up your iPhone with your iCloud account. You might not have even activated your iCloud account.

Whatever the case may be, there is no online backup. The pictures and videos you took of your kids growing up only have one copy, and they are on your phone.

Oftentimes, you would transfer these files when you get new phone models, but they still remain in one machine. This is a serious problem because all sorts of things can happen that could separate you from your phone.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to be mindful. Invest in some sort of device that basically prevents you from losing your phone, or make sure that you install the Handyortung app on your mobile phone.

When you do this, the phone will constantly get in touch with the Handyortung server. Regardless of where your phone ends up, it will still keep sending a signal until its battery goes out.

Now, I wish I could tell you that you will be able to find your phone several weeks after the fact. Unfortunately, if I were to tell you that, I would be flat out lying to you.

Because you know and I know that the typical cell phone’s battery life is not that long. So you only have so many hours to spare when it comes to relocating your phone.

But thankfully, due to the Handyortung app technology, you can get reunited with your phone sooner rather than later.

When you install this app, it makes it easy for you to go to and get the exact whereabouts of your phone for the duration of your battery life.

You can then get in touch with the necessary authorities as well as lost and found personnel or possibly Uber drivers so you can figure out what exactly happened to your phone.

That’s the name of the game. It’s all about working within those few, precious hours to get to the bottom of what happened to your phone.

If you are putting up an Adriatic bed and breakfast, read up on tankless water heater reviews

There are an increasing number of Americans who are moving to the Adriatic region. It’s easy to see why. A lot of places in the Adriatic are actually quite cheap compared to the United States. I am, of course, talking about real estate prices. Given the recent economic recovery in the USA, more and more people are actually getting priced out of certain real estate markets. Housing prices are skyrocketing that fast. Just like with previous real estate booms, income and personal wealth haven’t really kept pace with the rise in housing prices.

Given the fact that a lot of the countries bordering the Adriatic are beginning to liberalize their economies, more and more investors from all four corners of the globe are seeing the tremendous investment and real estate opportunities in this part of the planet.

So far so good, right? Well, here’s the thing, if you are looking to put up an Adriatic coast bed and breakfast, you might want to think twice.

I’m not discouraging you, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it, I’m not saying that you should not go through with it because it’s a bad idea. No.

An Adriatic bed and breakfast business is actually a good idea because a lot of people are wising up to the fact that this part of the planet is not only affordable, but it’s also extremely beautiful because there are all sorts of Middle Ages, Renaissance, and even Roman architectural ruins dotting the Adriatic sea greater area.

Now, here’s the thing. If you are going to be putting up a bed and breakfast in the Adriatic coastline, you need to make sure that the water is flowing nice and smooth. It also has to be well heated.

Now, you may be thinking that this basic. You might be thinking that this is just common sense. Well, think again.

You have to understand that sometimes it gets really, really cold in that part of the world. It’s not quite common, but it does happen. What are you going to do in that situation?

Do you think that when your guests wake up to an agonizing shower of freezing water that they would immediately think of coming back to your bed and breakfast? Probably not.

So do yourself a big favor, read up on tankless water heater reviews so you can get all the information you need to ensure that the water for your Adriatic coastline accommodation is well heated and does the job.

These tankless water heater reviews clue you in on the kind of product features as well as quality considerations you should keep top of mind when you’re on the market for this type of purchase.

Would Adriatic Coast players do better with LOL smurf accounts?


Make no mistake about it League of Legends has taken the world by storm. We’re talking about the whole world, as in the four corners of the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you live in North and South Africa or you live in North and South America.

League of Legends mania is all too real. People from all backgrounds, from all over the world, from all sorts of educational backgrounds and income levels have just fallen in love with this game.

It’s very easy to see why people are excited about League of Legends because unlike other games that basically take your time and waste it, League of Legends is very episodic. You know that once you start the game, that it will end sooner rather than later. Furthermore, within that time frame, you are really pushed to the limit in terms of your strategy skills.

This is not one of those fighting games where the difference between victory and loss really boils down to knowing the right sequence of buttons to push. You actually have to use those few pounds of gray matter in between your ears called your brain.

It is no surprise that people from all over the world have been turned on to LOL smurf accounts. This is especially true of Adriatic Coast players. Why would people living in the Adriatic buy LOL smurf accounts?

Well, the answer is actually the same for people living from all parts of the world. You see when you play League of Legends organically, you will get beaten. It’s not a matter of time. In fact, in many cases, it’s instant.

You see, a lot of the people playing League of Legends at low-level settings are actually not low-level players. They actually have a lot of skills, and it really is sad that they are able to kill these newbie players because the accounts that these newbies are organically trying to build up do not have the right set of bells and whistles that would enable them to fight off these more advanced players.

This is where LOL smurf accounts come in. These accounts are intentionally kept low-level but are fully unlocked. This enables you to give as much butt-kicking as you can receive. Talk about leveling the playing field. Talk about enabling people from the Adriatic Coast and elsewhere move up League of Legends.

Make no mistake about it if you keep getting beaten day after day, week after week, month after month, eventually it gets really old. Eventually, it gets really old. Eventually, regardless of how pumped up and excited you are about League of Legends, you can only run one on fumes for so long. Eventually, you would want to give up.

When you use the right accounts because they have the right amount of power, you would be able to break through in the game and continue to play until you level up enough for you to play at leisure. Do you see how this works? That’s why there’s a market for these types of digital goods.


You will never get lost traveling the Adriatic with localiser un portable

The great thing about traveling the Adriatic is that you really don’t know what you will come across. A lot of people have this idea in their minds that the Adriatic is simply just Italy and Venice.

Venice, for the longest part, was not a part of Italy. It had its own distinct culture. It definitely had its own distinct political power.

A lot of people and countries looked up to Venice. It was quite a bit of authority and a power in and of itself.

But unfortunately, around the 1800s, Venice started to weaken. And because it got so weak at a specific historical spot, Italy was able to swallow it. This, of course, was the newly unified Italy.

Prior to the middle 1800s, Italy was not a united country. It was always being invaded, it was always being cut up, and you can see it in your Adriatic travels.

If you start on the east side of Italy and you drive or bike your way all around the Adriatic, you would be surprised at how much cultural, geographic and architectural diversity there is in this relatively small area.

The Adriatic is that precious. The Adriatic is that awesome.

Now, if you are a big traveling fan, you probably already know that you can get lost. However, you might be thinking that this not a big deal because you can just whip out your Google maps. You can just whip out your mobile phone to figure out where you are, thanks to the modern miracle of GPS technology.

Well, you are more than welcome to think along those lines, but let me tell you, until you get lost, you really would not have a clue as to how much of a hassle it is. Think about it, you’re traveling throughout the Adriatic and you don’t speak a lick of Italian.

Please understand that Italian is not Spanish. They’re very similar to each other, but they are not one and the same.

So if you’re going to be lost, you’re going to have a tough time communicating properly. It’s anybody’s guess whether you will get the right directions.

Once you get out of Italy and you go into Slovenia or Croatia, your problems get even worse. Because in that part of the world, their language is quite distinct from English. You’re going to have a tough time.

And this is why it’s really a good idea to enroll with localiser un portable. The great thing about this service is that it prevents you from getting lost. It gives an accurate reading of where your phone is, so you can even contact your device if it gets lost.

So either way, you’re covered. If you get lost, people can get a hold of you. If your phone gets lost, you can easily track it.

It’s not all that complicated. It’s definitely not rocket science. You just have to install it. You have to be a little bit proactive and you should be good to go.

So do yourself a big favor, if you are worried sick that somehow, some way, you might get lost in the Adriatic or your mobile devices might, enroll in localiser un portable type of service.

Adriatic folks need to spot the best sewing machines 2018 has to offer

If you live in the Adriatic Coast, you know that custom-crafted clothing is going to be very hot, especially if you live in Italy. Italy, for the longest time, has an amazing reputation. People from all over the world basically get excited when they hear that a piece of leather goods or a piece of clothing was somehow some way linked to Italy.

This is a no-game. In fact, in many cases, it has kind of degenerated into some sort of scam. I think you know what I’m talking about.

You come across a bag, for example, that looks really awesome. It’s well stitched. It’s definitely well-designed. When you look at the different pieces, they all fit well together. Also, the pieces look like they were manufactured to the highest specifications. So far, so good, right?

Well, when you look at the name, all sorts of Italian imagery come to mind. You think about the Renaissance. You think about Gucci. You think about Prada. Everything and anything related to the purely and distinctly Italian attention to detail comes to mind. Again, so far so good.

However, once you look through the tags and you look at the inside stitching, you see the tag that breaks people’s hearts time and time again. What does the tag say? You got it! “Made in China.”

The truth is a lot of design is being done in Italy, but a lot of the actual production work, and I’m talking about sewing machine work involving stitching and piecing materials together is done elsewhere. Usually, elsewhere is defined as China.

This is why a lot of mom-and-pop shops in the Adriatic or nearby regions are making a killing when they buy the right sewing machines and do things themselves. People are willing to pay a premium for authenticity.

While most people can understand the amazing Italian design that a lot of labels bring to the table, they’re not so sold on the designs that they would just take Chinese-made products lying down. This is not anti-Chinese bias, mind you.

Instead, this is just a simple example of the human preference for authenticity. They’re looking for Italian designs made in the Italian region by Adriatic folks.

This is why a lot of the small mom-and-pop operations located in that region are looking for the best sewing machines 2018 has to offer. They know that with the right machines, they can fulfill this huge demand for everything and anything related to Italy.

Now, there’s a thin line here. People are hungry for Italian products, but there’s only so much in terms of pricing that they can move. So, if you are able to walk this tightrope well, your selection of the best sewing machines 2018 has to offer will be rewarded handsomely indeed.

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