In the world of martial art, boxing has become the most known sport. Injury is always a risk to the boxer, and that is why protection is one of the major factors to the sports participants. The specially designed gloves are the best accessories to have this protection.

Boxing gloves can fit to your hand, and their design is fist shaped. They give protection to your fingers, and other parts of your hand. Their padding lowers the impact intensity, and you get safety in this sport.

The gloves increase the blow duration with the reduction of punch impact. They spread the force throughout the area. While the gloves’ size is smaller, your hands will absorb higher force.

Speed of punching and your gloves

Faster punching makes the impact much harder. You may train yourself wearing the heavy or weighty gloves. These gloves help in the improvement of punching speed and strength. Thus, you can choose the regular gloves, having much weight.

Boxing gloves- The way in which they work

While manufacturing the boxing gloves, the manufacturers focus on one major thing- the impact force. Due to the impact, a heavier and bigger glove can absorb higher amount of force. Thus, you transfer low force to the opponent.

For this limited force, the gloves ensure low damage. The major intention behind this sparring technique is to achieve skill. The size of these sparring gloves may be bigger. They also have more pads in the design. A glove of 16oz will not injure the brain of the competitor to a serious level.

Materials applied for the gloves

The manufacturers use the tanned leather for forming the skin or upper layer of your boxing glove. However, this leather is usually highly durable, and lasts for several years. While you have bought low quality gloves, you will find vinyl as the material of your gloves. We think that it is better to invest in the leather gloves. The manufacturers also use an additional leather layer for lining the gloves. However, nylon taffeta is common in most of the cases. The nylon thread helps in stitching the gloves. For padding, the manufacturers use the polyurethane or PVC of higher density. In the past, the gloves had cotton batting. Some of the modern manufacturers also rely on their material for making gloves.

Boxing gloves can achieve some compression. While you hit your target wearing a boxing glove, you will find a reduction and absorption of the force. When the chosen material has lost the compression capability, the glove may not be able to decrease the force.

Most of the brands use manual process for cutting, assembling, stitching and stuffing their boxing gloves. The first step for making the glove is the choice of pattern for a piece. All the manufacturers choose different types of pattern. However, the common ones include the knuckle portion, closure and the palm.

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