Pickleball is an interesting racket sport which requires a lot of skills, fitness, and precision to play. It has become one of the most popular games around the world and millions of people are enjoying this sport every day. Pickleball combines the features of various racket games like table tennis, badminton and others. Pickleball is played with the help of solid racket in the court and the players are required to hit the ball which looks like the wiffle ball. These days, Pickleball is played in the traditional way as well as with some kinds of modifications. It doesn’t matter which version of Pickleball you love to play, you need to choose the right racket to play this sport.

Pickleball racket is the pickleball paddle
The racket used to play Pickleball is commonly known as the Pickleball paddle. You should buy the best Pickleball paddle for you to play perfectly. Pickleball paddle is made up of wood and other types of hi-tech materials. For the Pickleball players, it is easier to pick the best paddle for the game but the beginners may find it daunting to choose the best one. So, they can take help from the expert player or visit the site pickypickleball.com to know the reviews of the best type of paddle for the Pickleball.

Important aspects to consider when buying the Pickleball paddle
When it comes to buying the Pickleball paddle, the most important factors which are considered by the buyers include:

  • Weight
  • Material
  • Grip size

Know the right weight of Pickleball paddle
Pickleball paddle is available in different weights ranging from 6 ounces to 14 ounces. Choosing the right weight according to your play ability determines the power and control over the game. If you are a beginner then buy light weighted Pickleball paddle. It will give you more control although it will give a less powered performance. However, if you are an expert in playing the game then investing in the heavier Pickleball paddle is the best choice. It gives you less control but more powerful performance. Heavier paddles allow the players to hit overhead smashes out behind the baseline and make your shots the fun shots.

Hold the Pickleball paddle with the power grip
Another important factor that should be considered is the handle or the grip size of the Pickleball paddle. Generally, the handle of the Pickleball paddle ranges from 4” to 5”. 4” paddle fits perfectly to those who have small hands while 5” paddle is suitable for the men or those who have bigger hands. Buying the Pickleball paddle with the wrong grip and size causes fatigue, arm pain, and slip which can also cause injuries to you. Make sure that you buy the right grip size as it helps in providing better stability and more control.

Consider the material of the Pickleball material to perform better
Wood is the traditional and the most common Pickleball material. Nowadays, you can find composite or graphite Pickleball paddle as well. Wooden Pickleball paddle is the heaviest and expensive. It is designed for the professionals. Composite paddles are medium weighted and affordable while the graphite Pickleball paddle is the lightest and perfect for the beginners to enable them to give power packed performance.