The great thing about traveling the Adriatic is that you really don’t know what you will come across. A lot of people have this idea in their minds that the Adriatic is simply just Italy and Venice.

Venice, for the longest part, was not a part of Italy. It had its own distinct culture. It definitely had its own distinct political power.

A lot of people and countries looked up to Venice. It was quite a bit of authority and a power in and of itself.

But unfortunately, around the 1800s, Venice started to weaken. And because it got so weak at a specific historical spot, Italy was able to swallow it. This, of course, was the newly unified Italy.

Prior to the middle 1800s, Italy was not a united country. It was always being invaded, it was always being cut up, and you can see it in your Adriatic travels.

If you start on the east side of Italy and you drive or bike your way all around the Adriatic, you would be surprised at how much cultural, geographic and architectural diversity there is in this relatively small area.

The Adriatic is that precious. The Adriatic is that awesome.

Now, if you are a big traveling fan, you probably already know that you can get lost. However, you might be thinking that this not a big deal because you can just whip out your Google maps. You can just whip out your mobile phone to figure out where you are, thanks to the modern miracle of GPS technology.

Well, you are more than welcome to think along those lines, but let me tell you, until you get lost, you really would not have a clue as to how much of a hassle it is. Think about it, you’re traveling throughout the Adriatic and you don’t speak a lick of Italian.

Please understand that Italian is not Spanish. They’re very similar to each other, but they are not one and the same.

So if you’re going to be lost, you’re going to have a tough time communicating properly. It’s anybody’s guess whether you will get the right directions.

Once you get out of Italy and you go into Slovenia or Croatia, your problems get even worse. Because in that part of the world, their language is quite distinct from English. You’re going to have a tough time.

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