If you live in the Adriatic Coast, you know that custom-crafted clothing is going to be very hot, especially if you live in Italy. Italy, for the longest time, has an amazing reputation. People from all over the world basically get excited when they hear that a piece of leather goods or a piece of clothing was somehow some way linked to Italy.

This is a no-game. In fact, in many cases, it has kind of degenerated into some sort of scam. I think you know what I’m talking about.

You come across a bag, for example, that looks really awesome. It’s well stitched. It’s definitely well-designed. When you look at the different pieces, they all fit well together. Also, the pieces look like they were manufactured to the highest specifications. So far, so good, right?

Well, when you look at the name, all sorts of Italian imagery come to mind. You think about the Renaissance. You think about Gucci. You think about Prada. Everything and anything related to the purely and distinctly Italian attention to detail comes to mind. Again, so far so good.

However, once you look through the tags and you look at the inside stitching, you see the tag that breaks people’s hearts time and time again. What does the tag say? You got it! “Made in China.”

The truth is a lot of design is being done in Italy, but a lot of the actual production work, and I’m talking about sewing machine work involving stitching and piecing materials together is done elsewhere. Usually, elsewhere is defined as China.

This is why a lot of mom-and-pop shops in the Adriatic or nearby regions are making a killing when they buy the right sewing machines and do things themselves. People are willing to pay a premium for authenticity.

While most people can understand the amazing Italian design that a lot of labels bring to the table, they’re not so sold on the designs that they would just take Chinese-made products lying down. This is not anti-Chinese bias, mind you.

Instead, this is just a simple example of the human preference for authenticity. They’re looking for Italian designs made in the Italian region by Adriatic folks.

This is why a lot of the small mom-and-pop operations located in that region are looking for the best sewing machines 2018 has to offer. They know that with the right machines, they can fulfill this huge demand for everything and anything related to Italy.

Now, there’s a thin line here. People are hungry for Italian products, but there’s only so much in terms of pricing that they can move. So, if you are able to walk this tightrope well, your selection of the best sewing machines 2018 has to offer will be rewarded handsomely indeed.