Statistics have it that is the world largest business-to-business portal, in which importers look out for suppliers and product in China. is seen as a great resource when you want to find products and suppliers. Over the years the safety of the online portal has been questioned by many globally with users asking the question – is Alibaba safe for business? When you buy products from Alibaba, there are two risks that you need to be aware of which are; frauds and issues with the quality of the product being purchased.

One of hardest issues to prevent are the issues with regards to quality and the only to go about preventing this is that the supplier has to filter through the suppliers and fund one that he/she can go along with from the onset.

  1. Misunderstanding between the supplier and the importer

This is most definitely one of the most common reasons why importer tends to fail as buying products from suppliers. It is quite common to find that the importers are not telling the supplier the clear specifications of the product, such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Require Certification Standard (e.g. CE, RoHS and CPSIA)
  • Colors and Graphical Design Files
  • Materials and Components

It is important that you are aware of the fact that the less information that you provide your supplier, the less the knowledge the supplier will have about the quality of the product that you desire. A simple product such as wristwatch can be broken to a variety of materials and component. If you fail to specify the vital requirement, the supplier will have to fill the gaps based on their preference and this may not be according to how you planned the product, thus becoming a disaster.

How do you import safely from Alibaba?

Importing from China is very easy if you are in the right place. Alibaba is not the exception, there you will find both fraudulent suppliers and reliable suppliers, but the probability of you getting scammed is greater, if you want to buy on that site, you have to do a good enough research to find a reliable supplier.

But if you have decided to buy on this site you must be very cautious, because you must be prepared for any situation of fraud. Learn the ways in which you can protect yourself against a fraudulent provider.

Payments through secure payment platforms: not exactly you should protect yourself on this site, but in all others when importing from China, I have always advised that when making a purchase you should back it, that is; you must pay through secure payment platforms, these platforms are virtual banks where your money will be safe from any purchase.

No seniority in the network: another point that you must take into account is the age in the network, many fraudulent providers have little time in the network. One of the points you can take into account to know this, is the following: Little or no professionalism in its pages, few data, Payments to personal bank account, Provisional pages

Note: remember that a reliable provider will always have contact with you that is why on your page you will always have contact information so you can communicate with him. The data can be: telephone, email, and chat on your page. Make sure you buy your products when importing from China in the most suitable and safe places for you.

As you noted, when importing from China you can make your purchases completely safe if you take into account the points that are laid out in this article.

Why use Alibaba anyway?

The most common reason that many entrepreneurs look for products in Asia, particularly in China, is that they can take advantage of their low manufacturing costs. Costs in Asia can be significantly lower than in North America and other parts of the world, for several businesses, which can make it difficult to be profitable if it were not for manufacturing abroad.

If the costs of products are cheaper, this may be great, but it is not the only reason why Asia is an attractive place to find a supplier. There are some additional benefits such as:


a. Low manufacturing costs
b. Suppliers who (generally) are more open to work with small businesses and provide small amounts
c. Larger number of suppliers to choose from
d. For many products, Asia may be the only place where they are produced
e. A service like Alibaba has made it much easier to browse and buy from suppliers

So as you can clearly see, there are a ton of advantages to sourcing your supplies from a merchant on Alibaba. All that you have got to do is to remember the tips that are laid out in this post, so that you can find a reliable supplier on Alibaba.