If you are feminine and a victim of hair loss, there are lot ways to treat the issue. These days, there is an array of hair enhancement or hair restoration techniques that are both non-surgical and surgical. If your hair loss issue happens to be extensive, or you desire thicker, fuller hair overall, you may have decided to invest in a complete coverage wig. Visit the hair ward website for an in-depth review of different types of wigs.

Given the fact that the aforementioned wigs are derived from 100% natural hair, they appear to be evidently more expensive than what’s obtainable with the synthetic hair. At the same time, they provide the wearers with awesome value for money as they last for a long period of time and don’t need a lot of maintenance efforts.

Individuals looking for a human hair wig that’s natural looking should go for ones that are accompanied by a monofilament top wig cap. Indeed, it is vital for purchasers to mention this especially while one is on the lookout for such hair extensions as not every one of them is accompanied by this feature.

These wigs are usually made by hand after tying the hair knots, which in itself could be an indication of their originality. However, this must not be seen as the ultimate guarantee for their originality as a lot of synthetic wigs might also be made in the same manner.

To make it easier for you, we break it down into several factors that you keep in mind when you are going to buy hair ward for yourself.

1. Consider your hairstyle
The first thing that you should consider before buying a real human wig or synthetic wig is the hairstyle that suits your face the most. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, you are most likely to choose long curly waves instead of a bob cut. It helps in accentuating the face of your shape and makes the wig not look like a wig but real hair! It is important especially if your main purpose of buying a wig is the severe hair loss that you are experiencing. Some wigs are specifically designed to look natural to the user.

2. Choose the appropriate color
What could be one of the biggest advantages that wigs can provide is that you can change into any colors you want without causing permanent damage to your hair. Now, if this is your first wig, we highly recommend that you choose a color that suits your skin tone accordingly. For fair skin, platinum blonde is really nice to look at. As much as possible, you should opt for rooted hair colors to make it look more natural instead of solid hair colors.

However, if you want to try bolder colors such as hot pink or dark green, just make sure that you choose the one that blends perfectly with your skin tone. Natural hair colors are fine, but if your spirit tells you to opt for bold colors, then why not?

3. Consider your budget
Hair wigs are not cheap, but it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket either. Just make sure that you choose hair wig within your budget range. Obviously, a real human wig is more costly compared to synthetic wigs but you can easily see the reason why. You can buy a quality hair wig with your $200. Avoid buying hair wigs that look really cheap or the strand looks like it had been pulled out from a Barbie doll. These kinds of wigs are only for cosplay purposes and it doesn’t really last for an extended period of time.

4. Consider your lifestyle
Lastly, you must consider your lifestyle. How much time do you have in styling your hair every morning? Do you always have a busy schedule? If so, you must buy a wig that does not require high maintenance. Synthetic wigs are lightweight and have already been styled so there’s little to no time spent in front of the mirror styling it.

On the other hand, human hair wig is heavier but you can curl, straighten, or put some nice clips into it just like your real hair. It’s also more natural to look at.

People buy wigs for various reasons. Some undergo chemotherapy and wanted to ease the loneliness by buying themselves a wig and some just do it in the name of fashion. Whatever your purpose is, follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll be able to choose the right wig for you.