It is without a doubt that Lawnmowers can be acquired in just about every shape and size that can come to anyone’s mind ranging from the industrial size lawnmowers that one can climb on to the lightweight mowers; it is actually with respect to personal preference. Nonetheless, one of the renowned lawnmowers that are available is the zero turn radius lawnmowers or perhaps the ZTR. You can find the best ZTR reviews at

The choice to go for a used or a new zero turn lawnmower is based on personal preference. There is, in fact, a market for used Zero turn lawnmowers, the majority of which have had careful owners and low operating hours. In the majority of the cases, substantial savings are offered with a used zero turn lawnmowers.

With respect to the cutting g deck size, the choice solely depends on what the lawnmower is needed for. A homeowner will find a 36”-50” deck very much suitable, however, a larger mower is not practical if it will be used for a small yard. On the other hand, a commercial user will require a lawnmower with a 50”-72” cutting deck.

It is important you are aware of the fact that Zero turn mowers are the ideal solution to trim your mowing times irrespective of you being a home user or a commercial user. The only problem you tend to experience when you use a zero turn mower is keeping others out of the chair of the operator.

Considering the fact that zero turn mowers are widely available for all professionals in a landscape, you can find it almost everywhere. However, to ensure that you get the most out of it, you must only buy exactly what you need. It is wise to buy an average-sized mower if you are not planning to mow large acres. It will help you save money in the long run. Models vary by residential and commercial use, so choose the one that will suit you the most.

If you have successfully maneuvered through various traffic cones and you have enjoyed doing it, this is what exactly feels like to be using a zero turn mower. Even with lots of obstacles, it can help you to weave in tight spaces and lots of objects around. Compared to conventional models sold in the market, zero turn mowers is a lot more useful and easy to use. It will make your job easier and faster.

Furthermore, professional landscapers also agree that when they tend to clean an open field, they opt for a zero turn mower because it’s way faster than some tractors out there. If you have been using a conventional riding mower, it’s high time for you to use a zero turn mower that can speed up the process.

Aside from that, the deck is under the user and not in front, one of the convenient features most professionals commend about zero turn mowers. The gathered dirt will be churned up instead of getting blown back into the operator.

However, you must know that zero turn mowers are not convenient to use for the inside corners. It can create more work outside than inside corners because the operator is limited to how close he can approach the corner. Hence, you will need to work with a string trimmer each intersection that you’re going to clean. As what we’ve mentioned above, zero turn mower is ideal if you are planning to clean an open field because you can easily turn and move around.

Before you buy a zero turn mower, make sure that you double check the seat because you are most likely to spend several hours using the machine. Make sure to buy a model with adjustable seat. You can also opt for machines with vibration absorption and shock as well.

Lastly, you should also check the ergonomic controls of the machine. As much as you are comfortable with the seat, make sure that you have full control of the control levers. It is advisable that you choose a model that lets you adjust the lever to your height so that you can work without inconvenience. Some models have fine tuning so that it’ll be easier for you to operate equally and without much hassle.

These are the things that you should remember when it comes to buying and using a zero turn mower. Choosing the right model can help you a lot in working in open fields. Hence, keep the aforementioned tips in mind and you’ll be able to make the most out of your zero turn mowers.