These days stress balls are in liquid or beanbag types, or even the Chinese type that you can roll in your hand. The awesome news is that those toys do function and that they are not costly just like the ones available on this website The following are three you could try for yourself:

  1. Massage Toys

Massage has long been certified to alleviate anxiety and stress while boosting mood. Stress massage toys can also provide these advantages. You could get an animal-shaped handheld mini-massager and feel relief as soon as possible.

  1. Interactive Toys

Gardeners will adore the fresh Zen garden stress relief toys. These are little boxes containing various features: a sandbox, a construction zone, a backyard garden, and others. To alleviate stress, just reach in and work your scene.

  1. Funny Toys

Humor is the most appropriate medicine, particularly for stress relief. Makers have jumped on this fact and produced some humorous toys you could take advantage of. One of the most common happens to be the rubber stick-on toys. These are in different comical shapes. The notion is to fling them at the ceilings, doors, and walls to see how long they will stick. They have the added advantage of landing in unpredictable and odd positions that could be really amusing.

Stress Relief Toys: A Look at Different Types

Just how did this squishy craze start in the first place? The only thing most people know about the squishies is that you can squish them really hard and it will slowly re-inflate to its original shape. The squishies may seem like still something new today, but they have been around for the last 6 years. It only picked up its momentum at the international arena when some Japanese culture fans have started showing them up in their own social media accounts, bragging about how it would be wonderful if the world where to know about the squishies. They weren’t even called squishies in Japan. Because of the characteristic it shares with the rest, despite being available in various shapes and sizes, it is officially referred to as Squishy. You squish it with your hands and it will still return to its original shape.

If you take a look at the squishy, you will realize that there have been similar things like this in the West so it is nothing new. It is indeed not new, but the characteristic it displays tells a lot about what Japan is capable of – delivering cuteness. Squishies from Japan are extremely cute that you can’t help squeeze them really tight hoping that it will ooze out something from within. Too bad, because they are of high quality, they inflate back to its original shape. What’s most soothing about the squishies is that when it re-inflates slowly, the way it goes back to its original shape makes you feel loved, warm and fuzzy in the inside. It must be this reason that many people find the squishies addressing the lack of human touch that many people in society are today.

The squishies in the international arena is marketed as anxiety and stress reliever. A lot of companies now make these lovable squishies, but the most popular companies that make them are Sanrio, RE-MENT, Breadou and SAN-X.

The squishies made by Sanrio and SAN-X are available in various shapes and sizes. These names, especially Sanrio, are widely known for owning some of the most popular cartoon characters that even the adults love. These are Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty and a couple other cute “animals”. Fans of ‘kawaii’ or cute stuff love these squishy toys, which is why they collect a lot of them.

As with Breadou and RE-MENT, they create squishy toys out of charms. They make themselves unique in their own approach. The squishies from Breadou look like they are real bread, regardless whether it is in the shape of a turtle or any other. This same company is also famous for their squishies that have a scent of freshly baked bread. With all these qualities, it is no wonder that their squishies are quite expensive.

The squishies from RE-MENT are provided in various models. You’ll find Hello Kitty characters or any other famous character charms. Some of them are in the shape of traditional Japanese dolls. This company’s squishies are expensive, but very popular.